Zdjęcie uniwersytetu warszawskiego

Practical information

How to get there:

For current timetables and bus routes information, go here. You can also consult here.

Public transport and taxi:
Warsaw has a very convenient public transportation system with two Metro lines and numerous bus and tram connections. Ticket fares can be checked here.
If you plan to use the public transport in Warsaw, it may be convenient to purchase a 24 hour ticket which is valid on all public transport. The ticket entitles to unlimited number of journeys for 24 hours from its validation. You can purchase public transport tickets in the machines which are present in all metro stations and most of the tram and bus stops, as well as online, on any of the apps listed here.

Here are selected contact phones to TAXI companies that have reasonable prices:
+48 666 00 96 68

+48 22 646 46 46

+48 22 644 22 22

You can also use UBER, BOLT or FREE NOW.

Organizers do not provide accommodations.
However, we have prepared a list of accommodation options near the conference venue. Other options can be looked for easily on booking.com.

There are numerous restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the conference venue. Here is a list of some of them: